Peel Back the Curtain on DSOs

Thinking of joining a DSO — or just curious about the force that’s taking over dental? Join Brian Colao of Dykema and Gary Bird of SMC for a FREE webcast to learn everything you’ve wanted to know but felt like you couldn’t ask.

Learn from industry experts Gary Bird and Brian Colao at our in-person event!

Join SMC + Dykema in July at Dykema’s Definitive Conference for DSOs and our valuable workshop on scaling your dental business called The Scaling Bootcamp.

Have You Ever Wondered…?

When and how DSOs first come about?
Why so many dentists are joining DSOs?
What makes a DSO different from a dental group?
What a fair partnership deal looks like?
Why DSOs are taking over the dental industry?
How to choose the right DSO to partner with?

We’ve Got the Answers for You!

Brian Colao has spent his career at Dykema doing deals for DSOs. Meanwhile, Gary Bird has built SMC by running DSO marketing. Together, they’ll give you the who, what, when, where, and why of the DSO industry — for FREE.

“Brian has really pioneered the [DSO] space from a legal point of view. He has brought a huge amount of comfort to lots of entrepreneurs.”

Stanley M. Bergman
CEO of Henry Schein

“Gary is a dental marketing genius with a deep understanding of the complexities dentists face.”

Stanley M. Bergman
CEO of Henry Schein

Avoid Mistakes When Negotiating a Buyout or a Partnership

If you’re getting ready to sell, we’ll help you do it with confidence. You’ll learn:

What kind of practices DSOs are looking to buy
How to spot red flags and steer clear of trouble
How to boost your practice’s value before making a deal
The keys to negotiating successfully with a DSO
The ins and outs of EBITDA — and why it matters
When to say yes — and when to walk away

Feel More Confident on All Things DSO

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